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The Power of Pilates

German fitness trainer Joseph Pilates, founder of the eponymous physical fitness system, ‘Pilates’, once said, “In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body.”

Eight 80s-tastic Looks to Love from Netflix’s Stranger Things

Throwback fashion just got more awesome with Stranger Things, the TV show everyone’s talking about. Everyone suffering from Stranger Things Withdrawal (STW), say I. So yours truly binge-watched the entire season two of Netflix’s 80s sci-fi mystery drama Stranger Things within three days of its launch.

Social Influenza

That curious bug that makes you go “I’ll have what she’s having”. If you haven’t seen Mr Brown’s ruthlessly hilarious parody of an advertisement by an influencer agency, you’re missing out on a good laugh. Mr Brown is not the first to poke fun at social influencers, but his commentary highlights some fascinating human tendencies.

From Vegan To Orthorexic: Jordan Younger's Story

Social media sensation Jordan Younger opens up about her struggle with the eating disorder orthorexia. By Li Yuling. Instagram star Jordan Younger (@thebalancedblonde) struggled with orthorexia and suffered multiple nutrient deficiencies as well as hormonal imbalances that stopped her period for several months.

Food Guide: Fortune Centre

With Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple and Sri Krishnan Temple just steps away, it’s not surprising that many of Fortune Centre’s regulars are Buddhist and Hindu devotees. These vegetarians and vegans* aren’t the only patrons, of course. Health-conscious foodies flock to Fortune Centre too, often to stock up on natural and organic supplies sold at several shops here.

7 things happy couples do every day

Everyone wants to be that cute couple who still holds hands and looks lovingly at each other when they’re old. Learn the secrets to staying together happily ever after.

Always tired? Learn to fight fatigue

Are you tired of feeling tired? It’s normal to feel worn out after an exhausting week at work, but if you’re always lethargic, your lifestyle could do with some healthy changes. Try these simple research-proven tips to fight fatigue and reclaim your energy now.

10 coolest nail art designs to try now

Want to up your nail art game? Get inspired by these 10 amazing designs by the best manicurists in the business. Inspired by the prismatic iridescence of precious stones like quartz, Gemstone nails are the brainchild of Korean nail salon Unistella by EK Lab and nail brand Modi Nails. In case you didn’t know: Unistella also created the gorgeous glass nails that broke the internet last fall.

How To Deal With Cravings

Do your cravings keep you up at night? What to do if you're eating your feelings. By Li Yuling. It’s funny how we often talk about food urges like they are a bad thing. You know, so bad that one must deal with them. I remember the time when budget – not diet – constraints were the problem. As a primary school kid, I agonised over how to spend my precious fifty cents at recess time.

Just how much sugar is too much?

It's a lot less than we thought! We cut through the ongoing sugar debate. By Li Yuling. My short answer: Try not to eat more than six teaspoons of sugar a day. Fact 3: Even if you’re skinny, it’s not okay to have a sweet tooth. Sad but true. Earlier this year, a big study published online in a journal reported that a high-sugar intake increases your risk of dying from heart disease – even if you’re not overweight.

The Truth About Recurring Urinary Tract Infections

Have you had two episodes of UTI within six months – or three in a year? By Li Yuling. Last we checked, one in five women aged between 20 and 65 years suffer at least one urinary tract infection a year. As if that’s not bad enough, 20 per cent of women who experience one episode of UTI will have a second infection.

Sandra Riley Tang, Unplugged

The vocalist of The Sam Willows tells us all about music, social media, and her fitness obsessions. Wild-haired vocalist Sandra Riley Tang of local indie band The Sam Willows is all soul and sass. By Li Yuling. Sandra treads the road less travelled. Having left school at 18, she quit her full-time job at 22 to form The Sam Willows with friends Narelle Kheng, Benjamin Kheng and Jonathan Chua.


Yuling Li

An experienced multi-platform content strategist, creator and curator.

I enjoy putting words to paper and screen, having done so in different professional capacities – as copywriter, print and digital magazine editor, researcher, and lecturer. For 14 years, I have been delivering quality content that serves to inform, enrich, entertain, persuade, and influence. I believe good content stands out from noise, be it online or off. With a Master’s degree in Mass Communication, I am also highly adept at research, data analysis, and crafting messages for different objectives and audiences.

I'm available for local and international freelance assignments in writing, editing, custom publishing, and content strategy. My topics of expertise include health, food and nutrition, fitness, beauty, lifestyle, and travel.



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